American fiction integrating with American muisic emotionally

Thomas is a designer who is losing his mind at the same time he is producing his best line a clothes.

A third generation Forrester dress designer, Thomas is maybe even more of a genius than his father Ridge and Grandfather Eric combined. He certainly is showing the tortured signs of Van Gogh in this latest episode.

Here is where the pure power afforded the Forrester family-company-business is given such deference in fictionalized Los Angeles and the world that Thomas can hide away from anyone and still look and act “the part.”

summon of American serial fictionalized family-company-business activity

indicates the decades where family, company and business were used before 1955 and after 1975


aphorism by Proust illustrates emotional motivation
Has Liam realized that he cannot control Steffy and be present with his own family?



revealing family company business entanglements in serial fiction
‘Your Own Life To Live’I

Is Liam really concerned about the effect that Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan will have on his daughter Kelly, or is has he finally realized that he cannot control Steffy’s life?